You will find all the Study Hall instruction on this site.This information is in small “bite sized” segments. When you have a just a minute or 2 (or more, of course) to work on specific elements of the test just use your phone or tablet to access the site. You can use these programs anytime you want – 24/7 – to work on different aspects of the test. Remember, these programs are not meant to replace taking the tests onsite, but, rather as a supplement.

The Instruction from the First Two Session Onsite
The first presentation information for Critical Reading, English Usage, Punctuation, and Math you saw in the office.

Interactive Prototypical Critical Reading and Math Test Questions

These questions help you isolate and practice specific types of questions. Currently 3 Critical Reading and 30 Math Prototypes are online.

All the Vocabulary Words in the Study Hall Vocabulary Word Book
Each vocabulary word is defined, used in a sentence, and a memory aid presented for each word.